First BLU Team group photo.

BLU Team is a grand horde of utterly sexy motherfuckers. Except Liam, because he's 11 and that would be wrong.

But no, seriously, it was founded by bosonicnarwhal in the middle of the Third Era , originally as RED Team.[1] The names are a Team Fortress 2 reference. Came to run The Safe Zone.

Striving for neutrality and establishing a strong civilized presence in the wastes, BLU cities and waycities will accept any peaceful setter, and generously give what they can to travelers. Although preferring friendly terms and negotitiations, BLU team will retialite against griefers and raiders if necessary.

Starting in the Fifth Era BLU Team began building multiple cities across the waste, all focused around the capital city Azure. All BLU cities are named after some shade of blue, such as teal, zircon, cerulean, etc.

To this day, only bosonicnarwhal and dangercupcake know what BLU actually stands for, as it has been stated it does not stand for "Builders League United", per the TF2 reference.


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