CheezusRiced06 was one of the first players on MinerAP, and responsible for many changes in the early ages of the server. Namely, the construction of several prototype cities, and the creation of the Crusades, a massive serverwide player movement against the main griefer clan at the time; Divine Steam Brigade.Edit


Cheezus joined when the server was first announced, during the 1.1 update and when the server capacity was approximately 25 players. During the first weeks of his long time on the server, he rallied a large number of people together in the First Crusade (, in an attempt to rid the lands of the DSB. Several more Crusades were also called by him, however the numbers under his command were reduced to a recurring set of individuals who formed first the Crusaders, the Sredasurc, and later on the Fluffy Kitties. During one of the revolutionary battles fought during the Fourth Crusade, Cheezus was slain and buried near the Temple of Shadows (the temple was destroyed during the fifth era). He was not seen again afterwards.


Occasionally reports of seeing his form spring up throughout the population, strange "accidents" happen to various people with no plausible explanation (unexplained deaths, destroyed houses, individuals driven into insanity by some "vision"). It is usually attributed to the spirit of Cheezus, simply because no other players were seen near the place of the event, nor any other reasonable explanation was available. Don't worry though... it's just a legend.