Darkheart is a very recently established city, currently under the ruling by Hokiefan and its creator Sir_Curlington.


Fifth EraEdit

Darkheart was founded after the peaceful Jamestown was obliterated. Darkheart was concieved by Sir_Curlington and Renkie. The location was a mountain mere seconds away from Jamestown, inside of a former ravine. Various people set their homes inside the mountain, and most of them migrated to the more richer and more established Riverfire . After a week or so, Renkie waged a war against Riverfire, and after a long dispute Sir_Curlington ordered Renkie removed from the city and subsequently for a short while removed from the server entirely. Darkheart moved, and soon enough the only three inhabitants were Seacrab, Hokiefan and Sir_Curlington. The map was reset before the city was fully decorated.

Sixth EraEdit

The modern Darkheart has not yet been built, but there are definitely plans towards this.

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