Era is the term for a map on Miner Apocalypse.  There have been 13 past eras, and the current era is Era 14.

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Era 1 (The Era of the Beginning)Edit

This was the first era of Miner Apocalypse.  This era was run on 1.1. This is the era where The Collectors were founded in. [needs citation]

Era 2 (Almost Eden)Edit

The second era of Miner Apocalypse, run on 1.2.4.  Notable events of this era include the foundation of Schneider Farms, the first usage of the term "Age of Eden," and a conflict between server moderators and the server provider.

Era 3 (The Era of Warefare)Edit

The third era of Miner Apocalypse, run on 1.2.5.  

Era 4 Edit

Era 5 (Time of the End)Edit

Era 6 (The Era of Decay)Edit

Era 7 (The Era of Rebirth)Edit

Era 8 (The Forgotten Era)Edit

Era 9 (The Forsaken Era)Edit

Era 10 (Era X)Edit

Era 11 (Era XI) Edit

Era 12 (Era XII) Edit

This Era saw the return of some major factions such as the Collectors. The map introduced was hand built and approximately 6000x6000 blocks

Major Factions Edit

Era 13 Edit

Era 14 Edit