Origin in the Third Era, showing the obsidian pig, artificial mushroom biome, and partially complete/greifed pyramid.

In Mathematics, origin is where the axes of the Cartesian coordinate system meet, usually at coordinates 0,0.

In Miner Apocalypse, Origin has been a meeting place and battleground since the earliest moments of the First Era.[1] Such battles are typically of the "King of the Hill" structure, in which a group of diamond clad warriors will announce their presence and then hold Origin for as long as they can against any challengers.

The Null Roads converge and originate from Origin.

Throughout Time[edit | edit source]

Origin is typically terraformed and altered in various ways throughout the course of an era, and differently in every era depending on the biome and surrounding terrain.

First Era[edit | edit source]

Second Era[edit | edit source]

Third Era[edit | edit source]

Origin was covered by a gigantic cobblestone pyramid for the majority of this period, containing at various times an artificial mushroom biome, a giant obsidian pig, and a public swimming pool. The pyramid was actually deconstructed shortly before the end of the era.

Fourth Era[edit | edit source]

A formal King of the Hill tournament was held at Origin, and covered by The Reporters. Competitors were asked to defend a small obsidian pyramid while spectators watched from atop a nearby castle. Many simply built dirt towers on top of the pyramid and tried to defend from there.[2][3]

Fifth Era[edit | edit source]


Snow biome.

Sixth Era[edit | edit source]

Origin of the Sixth Era in pristine condition.

Plains biome. After serveral weeks, and a disgusted post about the greifed and destroyed condition of the area, Pizzarony cleaned it up and built a town which was called Originville. For possibly the first time in server history, Origin is as beautiful and peaceful as anywhere else in the wasteland. In fact, it had experienced less destruction than its contemporary, Riverfire.

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