The SPQE is one of the oldest factions on the server and has had a stable outlook throughout its lifetime. They have always enjoyed roleplay and oppose gameplay that is clearly otherwise. They believe in a balance for the server, between griefing and building, although they do not grief themselves. They are very rarely offensive, only to those who have made themselves enemies to the SPQE and those who grief mindlessly without any form of roleplay. Mostly, they are defensive, known to defend cities such as Phoenix and Unity.


Second EraEdit

SPQE was founded in toward the end of the Second Era, a time it was most famous for. SPQE single handedly built the super city Elysium and obtained their name Senatus Populusque Elysium, which translates to "The Senate and People of Elysium".

The faction originally consisted of members from The Explorers Guild and later some members from Miner Effect, who after a complete coincidence ended up living near each other and sharing recources. The explorers guild were in the middle of a project called  Port Melon , a beatiful ocean town offshore from the soon to be Elysium.

Once they had publicly announced their location inviting all builders, traders and PvPers alike to come and take up jobs, people flooded in making the centre a bustling city. Within the core section, which many remember as Elysium, were embassies for factions to build posts, libraries where players could enchant, a large monumental bulding resembling a Pantheon and a market where players could take a stall and trade with other civilians. The core was not a place to live, it was much like a city centre. Outside were grand roads that stretched out to civilian cities such as ________ where elected leaders could run cities for the people who wanted to stay.

When the Second Era came to an end, the civillian cities broke off to reform their own cities in the new era. SPQE went their own way to gather resources.

Third EraEdit

SPQE built a new city on a small island in the middle of the ocean which they dubbed New Elysium . After only just being ready to announce their location, they suffered heavy griefing and raiding. SPQE had not properly gathered resources due to building the city too early, and as a Result could not defend themselves indefinitely. Without proper protection, SPQE was forced to abandon the project and move on.

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