12th Era - Eastern City, Dark Oak Forest Biome, Neutral Good

Skywalker City developed from Fort Skywalker, which was built up around a small settlement founded by the explorer and cartographer, Jesse Skywalker. It is located in the greater Dark Oak Bay region on the Eastern Continent.

Skywalker City is a peaceful establishment run by its citizens, who mainly consist of builders and farmers, with militia of citizen guards known as the Skywalker Defense Force (SDF). Mercenaries from other areas are sometimes called in to help defend as well. The only guidelines to this forested, eastern city are the banning of any violence inside its city walls.

The building style of Skywalker City consists mainly of the dark oak planks which form its thick defensive walls and stone brick which the majority of its buildings are constructed from.

Notable Structures Edit

Verneke Tower - An ancient birch and stone brick tower which rises above Skywalker City to the east, between the two rivers which flow into Skywalker Bay. This tower was an ancient ruin restored by Verneke before the city was established.

The Gran'Ma'Pa - This great tree is the heart and soul of Dark Oak Bay. Some say a great spirit resides within its thick oaken boughs which watches over the dark oak forests surrounding the bay. Its bark is tougher than iron.

Dark Oak Bay Institute of Science (DOBIS) - The first known university after the apocalypse, founded by notable biologist and agricultural scientist Tree Laufe.

Government Edit

Skywalker City was first governed by the Oaken Council, a group of citizens consisting mainly of the original founders of the city who maintain order in the area of the Dark oak Bay.

Fall Of Skywalker Edit

As of Feburary 1, 2015, Skywalker City has officially been abandoned. This is the result of a massive attack upon the city by DCake, a member of the Minerap Community.

Recent attempts to repaiir the city have been made by a few members of the previous Skywalker community including council member Frnkberry* (shortened), and regular passer-by, scree44s. These attempts have been stunted by the ruby alliance (prosperous).