The Archaeologist is the current incarnation of Sir_Curlington. He is barely known and has been a part of the server since the very first Era, and played some role in most of the big events on the server thus far. He has also worked alongside many popular (and unpopular), famous (and infamous) players. He is perhaps most known for being the first member of The Scarlet Brotherhood, and the creator of the small city known as Darkheart.

In-lore, his biggest goals have been to rid the world of the snowy and icy thundras that plague the various Eras, since they stand in the way of important landmarks in need of examining. Some mythos state that he knows how to fabricate stars and superfluous materials, but this remains unproven and unsourced.

The Archaeologist is the first peaceful incarnation of Sir_Curlington, it is uncertain for how long this alias will stay with him in his adventures.