The Thieves Guild is a faction of expert burglars notorious for their deftness, shadowy nature, and seemingly endless appetite for stolen goods. The Thieves Guild normally targets hidden bases and secret storage areas of cities and towns. Preferring stealth to violence, the Thieves Guild aims to plunder bases without killing or even alerting their inhabitants to their presence until the theft has been carried out. They have been known to raid in full protection armor, however, and are ruthless killers if and when they are discovered mid-theft.

The Thieves Guild has a number of signatures left behind by its members after a raid. Most often, chests are completely cleaned out, and the items inside are replaced by single stone blocks forming the image of the Guild's symbol:


A Thieves Guild book, detailing the mission and practices of the Guild, is often left behind in one of the raided chests. All nearby sheep are dyed red.

Due to the shadowy nature of the Guild, neither the names nor its number of members is known. Some claim that Thieves Guild members wear distinctive skins, but this rumor has never been corroborated by actual photographic evidence for obvious reasons. Similarly unsubstantiated are rumors of a Thieves Guild fortress; again, few have claimed to have even seen such a building, and no one has produced evidence of its existence, let alone its affiliation with the Thieves Guild.

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