The Tunnel Snakes are a group believed to be formed to oppose the Fluffy Kitties when they decided to build a city in the Fourth Era. Once touting membership of 50+, by the 6th Era various subfactions have split off and the group's reputations is maintained largely by those formerly known as the Hard Dogs.

Complete information about them can be found here.

Small BeginningsEdit

The Tunnel Snakes started out as the name of two friends' "Faction." Namely, Tunnel_Snakes and RedAwesomeness. The two started playing during the mid to late Second Era. They weren't very strong and survived with only iron armor. During this era they encountered CheezusRiced06 peacefully and had altercations with The Avengers and Rouge_Shooter.

As of nowEdit

The Tunnel Snakes, have went from bad to better. Even though half the group split up, they still remain as one of the strongest factions, on the server. A lot of internal drama have had the group to a point of complete split up, but they still remail strong as of today. Mostly they don't hurt or kill without a reason. Smaller Groups, such as the No Face, and The Zombies, make up this faction today. 

Betreyal in the group have occure more than once. 

Factional AnthemEdit

"Tunnel Snakes Rule"

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