Voyager's Landing was a city created in the Tenth Era, and founded by _Mabo (formerly Mabo516) and Piplip. It started off as a small cobblestone pen for some cows, at this time in this era they were rare. It eventually evolved into a town. VL was built in a savannah biome consisting of multiple buildings and houses including a farm tower and map room. As time passed VL started to gain more attention and new residents started to move in, leading to more buildings and a newly constructed sky bridge. This was The Great Expansion. Then came the take over of Voyager's Landing by BV (need more info). VL was eventually returned back to it's citizens. Some notable citizens of VL include Mabo516, Piplip516,_BionicBrain_, TJDub, Saihoushi, (sorry if I forgot any other names, feel free to add more :) ).

Voyager's Landing
Map Room